Are there any side effects of an MRI scan?

If you have ever gone through the MRI process, you might have found it daunting. The process includes a large metal ball that makes unbearable noises. It gives you the feel of claustrophobia. But MRIs are a popular procedure and many best test centers in Chandigarh provide you with world-class treatment. In this article, we will be discussing the result, and the risk involved in the MRI Process.

Why Choose MRIs?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) makes use of strong radio waves and a magnetic field that produces pictures after the scan. MRIs are a powerful process that helps in diagnosing the internal organ of the body. It can have a complete picture of the body to show even a minor injury. MRIs help doctors easily detect abnormalities and tumors in the spinal cord or brain. They are a more powerful process that helps to find sports injuries. The process is simple and easy.

Preparing Yourself for MRI

MRIs use a magnetic field, so you need to remove the jewelry and metal device. Sometimes some patients won’t be able to remove an item, it is recommended to disclose it to your doctor. They will help you out with the best option.

Once it is time for your scan, the person is asked to lie down on the bed. It will slide you into the scanner, which has a large metal tube. A device is kept on the part of your body that needs to be examined and further scanning is done. In some cases, doctors recommend injecting for better picture quality. You have to be still unless and until pictures are taken. A single movement at that time of scanning can make the picture blur. You have to be careful as it is just for a moment. Scanning is pain-free but the procedure is noisy. You might get the headphones to avoid those noises. It can sometimes cause anxiety, so don’t hesitate and share it with your doctor. You seriously do not have to go through the long procedures that you need preparation for but knowing more about MRI can help you.

MRIs Safety Measures, Is it safe for you?

There is no risk involved in the procedure but some of you might go through anxiety. If you are choosing the reputable Atulaya Healthcare center, you may not find anything risky. It is one of the best MRI test centers. The MRI scan doesn’t involve radiation like an x-ray but it works on radio waves. There is no risk involved in the after-effects of the scan. The MRIs last for at least 90 minutes, which seems to be a drawback. But you don’t have to worry about it as there is no exposure to the radiation. The specialist at Atulaya will scan and take the picture at the time of the MRI and share it with you later.

Note: MRIs are not for pregnant women, unless and until it is an urgent case. Though there are no side effects, it is better to take precautions.

MRIs are generally considered to be safe and relatively do not have any risk. If there is any side effect, it tends to resolve with any treatment or medication. You may contact your doctors if any problem persists.

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Complications of an MRI

MRI is a safe procedure but does have some occasional complications. 

  • Metal objects like jewelry can cause injury to worn at the time of scanning.
  • As the magnetic fields are powerful, hence it is found that they can damage the internal metal devices for instance heart pacemakers.
  • In some cases, the contrast dye is injected into the vein. This helps in getting a clearer picture. But sometimes it can cause an allergy. Patients who know that they are allergic to contrast dye should connect with their doctors for advice.

MRI in Chandigarh

If your doctor told you that MRIs would be beneficial, do not be scared about the process. MRI test centers and even doctors believed that there are no side effects of this process. Most people use the powerful tool for diagnosing it accurately. The image through MRI can help diagnose the conditions in your organs, soft tissues, etc. quickly and effectively. Atulaya Healthcare made it easy to find the best MRI test near me. It makes the procedure more efficient and smooth.

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