Can dengue be detected by CBC?

In the event that an individual is down with fever, muscle torment, and shortcoming or has some other side effects of dengue, then, at that point, it is shrewd to finish a blood test. The best way to distinguish dengue is through a lab test. Be that as it may, before you consider a blood test for dengue, you really want to be familiar with the various kinds of blood tests accessible on the grounds that relying upon the hour of contamination and the presence of the side effects, the experimental outcomes might contrast. Here is a speedy aide for dengue lab tests that can help you. Though a CBC test can help you with detection of platelets in your blood, it is still not a good idea to use it for Dengue detection. 

Tests to analyze dengue

Much of the time, a total blood count is suggested in the event that your PCP suspects dengue. Nonetheless, it is a vague test since it doesn’t assist with affirming the presence of the dengue infection or recognize the sort of infection.

To recognize the presence of the dengue infection in the blood, you really want to go through conclusive tests which incorporate non-underlying protein 1 (NS1) test, Immunoglobulin G/Immunoglobulin M test or an ongoing polymerase chain response (RT-PCR) test.

Here are the normal tests prescribed to analyze dengue instead of CBC test in Chandigarh:

#1. Dengue NS1 Antigen

This is a blood test to distinguish the dengue infection right off the bat throughout a contamination.

When to finish the test: It ought to be finished inside the initial five days of the presence of side effects in light of the fact that following five-seven days, the possibilities of misleading positive and adverse outcomes are high.

Limits: This test doesn’t separate between various dengue serotypes. It is additionally observed that the responsiveness of the test is higher (over 90%) in essential disease (first time contamination) than in auxiliary contamination.

When might you at any point come by the outcomes: The experimental outcomes can be gotten soon. The NS1 Antigen test is similarly less expensive than other pathology lab in Chandigarh tests for dengue.

#2. Immunoglobulin M (IgM)

This test searches for IgM (antibodies) in the blood, which show up in the early course of the sickness (intense disease). The test can likewise assist with separating between essential (first time contamination) and optional (second time disease with any of the dengue infection) disease.

  • When to finish the test: It is encouraged to go through a dengue immunizer IgM test, on the off chance that you are encountering side effects of dengue for over a week or 10 days. This is on the grounds that IgM levels are discernible in half of patients by day 3 after the beginning of disease, which increments to 80% by day 5 and almost 100% by day 10.
  • Impediments: This test isn’t encouraged on the off chance that you have an optional dengue contamination as IgM levels are essentially low (or even imperceptible) in auxiliary disease.
  • When might you at any point come by the outcomes: Contingent on the strategy used to recognize the antibodies, you can get the test results in the span of 30 minutes (IgM quick test) or around 1-2 days (IgM ELISA) and it might fluctuate for every lab.

#3. Immunoglobulin G (IgG)

The test is utilized to distinguish contamination in the later course of the sickness in light of the fact that the degree of IgG in the blood will in general increment gradually. Normally, the level builds six to ten days after the disease and the antibodies can stay in the blood for something like 90 days or until the end of your life.

  • To recognize essential and optional dengue contaminations, IgG/IgM proportion test is usually utilized.
  • When to finish the test: You can get an IgG immune response test for dengue following seven days. You can likewise finish the test following 15 days as these antibodies can in any case be recognized in the blood a while after the disease.
  • Constraints: This test isn’t exhorted for intense diseases.
  • When might you at any point obtain the outcomes: To get the reports, you might need to hang tight for no less than seven days or more.

#4. Dengue RNA PCR test

It is an essential test used to recognize dengue infection in the early course of the disease. A positive outcome affirms the contamination as well as assists with distinguishing the different serotypes of the dengue infection. The test is around 90% touchy and 95% explicit.

When to finish the test: The dengue RNA PCR test can give positive outcomes assuming the test is finished in something like five days after the side effects begin to show up. It identifies the viral genome (the hereditary material of the infection) in the blood.


When might you at any point come by the outcomes: The outcomes for dengue RNA PCR test can be gotten in no less than a little while subsequent to getting tried. So in the event that your PCP has educated a test for the determination concerning dengue fever or on the other hand on the off chance that you are wanting to go through a test since you suspect you could have dengue, book the right demonstrative test in the wake of checking the side effects. Get in touch with Atulaya healthcare and you will be able to get the accurate tests done to begin with the treatment.