Can you open your eyes during MRI?

Your radiologist may advise you to close your eyes during an MRI rather than keeping them open for a number of different reasons. They’re here! The MRI scan might potentially have an impact on your eyes. How? MRI may occasionally, but not usually, be inappropriate. Only when it has a ferromagnetic foreign substance within the eye. As a result of the foreign body’s ease of movement in the strong magnetic field at this period, your vision is seriously threatened. Because of this, radiologists advise keeping your eyes closed throughout an MRI to protect them.

You are aware if you are experiencing dizziness. If so, I should warn you that you could experience a similar issue when you are inside the MRI machine. The radiologist has advised you to close your eyes throughout the MRI scan to assist alleviate any discomfort and ensure a smooth examination.

On the other hand, image accuracy has long been a source of worry. You take part in a quick diagnostic for a quick cure. However, your healthcare professionals do not want the therapy to be delayed when the test findings are negative. They urge care and advise closing the eyelids since open eyes may disrupt or trigger movements within the scanning instrument.

Your eyes may occasionally be given a liquid injection to keep them quiet and cold. You would need to do the MRI scan in Chandigarh while keeping your eyes closed and, if feasible, wearing a blindfold. It’s because a situation like that might harm the visual nerve and generate magnetic field turbulence. Nobody desires that!

Are there any restrictions on closing your eyes during an MRI?

Without a doubt, there are several circumstances that you shouldn’t overlook while closing your eyes and daydreaming about being somewhere else. They are listed below!

You must keep in mind that you can’t doze off while getting an MRI. It’s because when you fall asleep, your subconscious mind takes over, and you could shift or twist without realising that you should lie flat and still. The test pictures then get hazy. Do you desire it? I guess not!

Even when you close your eyes and see something lovely or colourful within the MRI tube, you need to remain attentive to any directions provided. Particularly during the chest or stomach scans, you must adhere to the breathing guidelines. Watch out!

While it is advantageous to close your eyes during an MRI scan, anxiety may develop if this behaviour is accompanied by worrying and dread. Therefore, you must keep in mind that when you close your eyes, you do not think about the partially enclosed area or even about anything frightful or stressful.

Can it harm my eyes?

Lenses can obstruct the magnetic field and radio waves, resulting in blurry pictures and further harm to your physical health. Some radiologists assert that it also filters out strong light to provide a crisper image. The possibility of bodily harm is what encourages people to follow the first recommendation!

If you want to wear eye protection during the MRI scan in Chandigarh, you should always check with your doctor or the radiology clinic you want to use.

Eye masks are always preferable options, according to radiologists! Such guidance is also supported by a number of medical research findings, which show that only a very tiny number of people actually experience eyesight issues as a result of intense magnetic fields during an MRI. If you experience any eye pain while.


So, the conclusion to your question would be you can keep your eyes open during an MRI, but it always is suggested the other way around. In case you want to keep your eyes open, you can discuss your plan of action with your doctor prior to your MRI test. Your doctor knows what stands as the best option for you! Want to know more get in touch with the team of Atulaya Healthcare and take advice from the right experts.

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