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Pathology Lab in Ludhiana – Doctors generally recommend their patients get themselves checked at a pathology lab. Lab tests or diagnostic tests are recommended by doctors when they suspect that there might be something wrong with your health. Samples of your blood, stool, urine, or mucus tell a lot about the state of your health when analyzed with special devices. Once the problem is detected, your doctor can put you on medication or suggest a course of treatment.

The pathology lab has physicians with special training in the examination and finding of disease. Practicing pathologists can be subspecialty or general pathologists, depending on the type of cases they review daily. Some pathologists perform a subspecialty fellowship in a specific area of pathology such as hematopathology, cytopathology, dermatopathology, neuropathology, neuropathology, etc.

Clinical pathology that includes laboratory medicine includes the following:

  • Pathologists/Ph.D. scientists: These professionals provide direction of clinical labs to ensure accurate and rapid reporting of lab tests. They serve as a resource for result interpretation to doctors. They often have specific training in one or more of the following areas: clinical chemistry, microbiology, molecular pathology, hematology, immunology, and blood banking.
  • Medical laboratory technicians: These health care professionals perform laboratory testing and analysis on body fluids and other specimens to help determine the presence or absence of disease.
  • Phlebotomists: These health care professionals are trained to take blood samples from a patient for clinical testing, transfusions, donations, or research. Many blood test labs are present in Ludhiana that work under the accreditation given by NABL.

One such center is Atulaya healthcare. It is well equipped with the latest technological devices and staff that contains all the professionals in the best pathological lab in Ludhiana.

Different tests performed in labs:

Specimen tests

Obtaining sufficient tissue and practicing proper specimen handling are essential components for accurate diagnoses. There are various types of biopsies including liquid biopsies, tissue biopsy, needle biopsy, and surgical biopsies that help to obtain adequate tissue and help in the better examination. There are various medical labs in Ludhiana which carry out biopsies. Atulaya healthcare is a pathology lab in Ludhiana which is one of the finest choices for the people who have been recommended biopsies by their doctors.

Initial Pathology Assessment

Inspection of the gross specimen and tissue staining are the two most important aspects of assessing tumors in the pathology lab.


A gross examination is the visual macroscopic inspection of the tumor, without the use of a microscope. All anatomic structures present, and the tissue specimen’s color, size, and consistency, are recorded. The gross examination helps the pathologist determine the size of the specimens to dissect and assess.

Histologic sections that best demonstrate the features at gross description include assessment of margins (if applicable). They are taken during the gross examination. Inking of margins is also performed during the gross examination. The process provides essential diagnostic information used for staging and prognosis, and a picture may be taken as part of the record.


Histology includes the microscopic appearance of stained cells and tissue structures of a specimen. The characteristic histology of cells/tissue is used to identify all of the pathologic processes involved in a specimen. These are the two steps that when performed in the best pathology lab test.

How do you prepare yourself for a lab test?

Different tests have different requirements. Some may need you to be on an empty stomach whereas, for some other tests, you may need to consume the food before the sample is collected. Ask your doctor about what you need to do to prepare for a lab test. Let your doctor know if you are already on any medication.

Interpretation of lab tests reports

The reports that your labs will deliver to you are quite detailed. There are charts of reference ranges that help you understand the report and a statement from a qualified doctor. But, once you receive your report, it is advised to consult your doctor and ask him/her to explain it to you.

Find a pathology lab according to your convenience and a lab that provides faster and more authentic results. You may also want to look for labs that collect samples from your doorstep. Atulaya healthcare is a perfect choice for people searching for a pathology lab that has all facilities under a single roof and is one of the most genuine blood test labs in Ludhiana.

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