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Pathology Lab in Mohali – Many diseases remain untraceable and cannot get treated without knowing the cause. In such circumstances, your doctor may refer you to visit a pathology lab and get some tests done. Pathology advisors or pathologists are commonly known as specialist doctors who after conducting tests submit their report on an infection or disease from which a patient is suffering. Their judgment is supported by inspections of samples of the patient’s blood, urine, feces, or other body materials.

After doing the initial diagnosis, more tests might be conducted to find out if you are responding to the treatment positively or not. If the pathologist finds out that your specimen is exhibiting good signs of recovery with subsequent tests, then your doctor will continue with the same treatment. On the other hand, if your sample specimen is not found to have signs of recovery, the doctor will swap the medicine or change to another mode of treatment as he best sees fit.

Pathology services include-

  1. Hematology
  2. Microbiology
  3. Histology
  4. Cytology
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Immunology
  7. Blood bank
  8. Bone marrow examination
  9. Hematopathology
  10. Surgical pathology
  11. Immunohistochemistry
  12. Clinical consultation
  13. Oncological tests
  14. Laboratory administration
  15. Second opinion consultants
  16. Cancer diagnosing

The best pathology lab that can offer you all these services is Atulaya healthcare as it is known as one of the best pathology labs in Mohali.

Start with a blood test

A blood test is the most common test a doctor may refer to you. Regular testing of blood is one of the most important ways to keep track of your overall physical well-being. Getting yourself tested at routine intervals can allow you to see the changes in your body over time and empower you to make informed decisions about your health. There are various blood test labs in Mohali but it is important to receive fast and accurate results when it comes to testing, Atulaya healthcare which is a leading medical lab in Mohali is a good option for getting your blood test done.

Zones of activity in pathology-

Chemical pathology

This subdivision is also called clinical chemistry, clinical biochemistry, or even medical biochemistry. It is concerned with the accurate examination of lab samples and the interpretation of different tests of biochemical nature. This branch of pathology is important for the diagnosis as well as management of different lifestyle diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, or lipid profile abnormalities


It is an important field and has laboratory work as an inbuilt aspect. Hematology is pivotal for diagnosing and management of different conditions like hemophilia and Klinefelter’s syndrome.


Histopathology happens to be a specialty in pathology, concerning itself with examining body tissue samples and also the acromegaly of many different conditions that the patient may be having. Based on the findings of histopathologists, doctors decide their course of treatment.


Immunology concerns itself with the study of immunodeficiency, different kinds of allergies, and autoimmune disorders. Laboratory testing by immunologists can give valuable information in the diagnosis and management of variable conditions that can affect the immune system.


This is also a specialization for pathologists who focus on the diagnosis and treatment of different infectious diseases. Perhaps you know that there are four different organisms causing infections. They are bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. Microbiologists provide crucial advice on the prevention of infections as well as the treatment of patients. Other microbiologists work in pathological laboratories, studying organisms to come up with new types of treatment.


It is crucial to start the treatment of the disease as early as possible. For better and more effective treatment choosing a genuine pathology lab is of utmost importance. Atulaya healthcare provides us with the best pathology lab tests in Mohali. It is NABL Accredited and assures promising guidance at every stage. Their professional lab experts are trained and skilled in conducting every test as recommended. Hence, while seeking lab appointments, look out for their packages and services.

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