What are the harmful effects of MRI?

The idea of getting an MRI might be frightening if you’ve never had one. The technique entails passing through a large metal tube that might be uncomfortable or generate loud noises. But MRIs are actually a relatively popular and safe treatment with lots of potential advantages. The more prepared you are for your visit to an imaging facility in Chandigarh, the more likely it is that your scans will go smoothly. Many individuals are concerned that the MRI scan will cause harmful side effects, but while they are conceivable, they are quite rare. You’ll feel more confident about your diagnostic scans if you understand how MRIs operate and why they could be risky.

Why Do You Need an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is referred to as MRI tests. These scans employ radio waves and a strong magnetic field to generate images that are shown on a computer screen. Because they may display tissues, organs, and other inside structures, MRIs are effective diagnostic tools. An MRI scan in Chandigarh may provide a full view of various bodily components, unlike certain examinations like x-rays which can only reveal particular structures like bones. This makes it possible to use it to find cancers and anomalies in the brain and spinal cord. MRIs are frequently employed to identify sports-related ailments including torn ligaments.

Getting Ready for Your MRI

Usually, other than learning the procedure and establishing your expectations, there won’t be much you need to do to be ready for your scan. You might need to take off any jewellery or medical equipment that contains metal because magnetics will be used. The magnets may alter their location and function. Inform your physician and radiologist in advance if you are unable to remove an object so they can decide the best course of action for you. You will lie on a little bed that glides into the scanner, which is a big metal tube, when it’s time for your scan.

The dangers of an MRI

There is no known danger associated with having an MRI scan at a respected Chandigarh imaging facility once all medical devices are taken into account and anxiety is under control. Exposure is not a worry because the scan does not use radiation like an x-ray. If you do need a nerve-soothing drug, talk to your doctor about any possible adverse effects. A very small possibility of a response to the contrast dye is also present. There are no aftereffects of the scan, and you should be able to carry on with your day as usual unless you were sedated. The major disadvantage is the lengthy 30-90 minute standard MRI procedure.


Do not be afraid of the MRI procedure if you have been advised that it might be helpful. MRIs can be effective diagnostic tools and are not generally known to have any negative side effects. An MRI’s pictures can be used to diagnose difficult and uncommon illnesses, enabling prompt and effective treatment. All you need to do is to get in touch with the right service providers of MRI scan in Chandigarh and take advice. Still confused? Let our team of Atulaya Healthcare be your saviors.

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