Which is better CT scan or MRI?

CT Scan vs. MRI: What’s the Difference?

Which is better CT scan or MRI? – There’s a good probability that you’ve had an imaging test if you’ve ever been injured. Imaging tests are incredibly effective diagnostic techniques that may be used to identify a variety of illnesses. Imaging tests are not interchangeable, though. Understanding the distinctions between a CT scan, MRI, and X-ray will help you and your doctor decide which imaging procedure is best for you.

The interior organs of the body may be seen by medical professionals thanks to diagnostic techniques including CT scans, MRI scan, and X-rays. They use a variety of electromagnetic energies, such as radio waves and X-rays, to produce pictures. These imaging techniques differ greatly in the following ways:

What distinguishes an MRI scan from a CT scan?

Medical imaging techniques like CT scans and MRI scans produce precise pictures of interior body components including bones, joints, and organs.

To assist in the diagnosis of a broad variety of medical disorders, doctors request MRI or CT scans. Despite having distinct means of producing pictures, both types of scans have comparable applications. An MRI scan employs radio waves and powerful magnetic fields, whereas a CT scan uses X-rays.

Although MRI scan in Chandigarh give higher detailed pictures, CT scans are more widely used and less costly. In this article, we examine the distinctions between MRI and CT scans as well as their applications, techniques, and safety.


In order to have a CT scan or an MRI scan in Jammu, the patient must lie down. The user must typically lie down on a bed that moves inside the scanner for both scans. They must maintain extreme stillness during the scan in order for the equipment to provide sharp pictures.

Both times, the technicians will leave the room while the scan is being done, but communication with them is still possible through an intercom link. The body is X-rayed from a variety of angles using the CT scanner. The equipment is quite quiet. Because MRI scanners are highly noisy, a technician can suggest using headphones or earplugs to assist mask the noise.

How to choose the right scan?

The imaging method that is most beneficial and efficient will be suggested by a doctor. MRI and CT scan in Chandigarh applications are extremely similar. A doctor will choose the best scan for you depending on a number of things, including:

  • the scan’s use for medical purposes
  • the required degree of detail for the photos
  • if a woman is pregnant, whether someone has claustrophobia or other conditions that might make them uncomfortable during an MRI, or any other situation.
  • A more precise picture of soft tissue, ligaments, or organs is produced by MRI scans. An MRI scan may make soft tissue damage, torn ligaments, and herniated discs easier to notice as problems.

Are they safe? 

Both MRI and CT scan in Faridabad are relatively secure procedures. They might, however, carry very small hazards that vary depending on the type of scan. A very little quantity of radiation is given to a patient during a CT scan, but doctors often do not view this as dangerous.

Ionising radiation, which is used in CT scans, has the potential to harm biological tissues. According to the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, radiation exposure normally carries a low risk of acquiring cancer.

Doctors may advise MRI scans or ultrasound scans in place of CT scans and X-rays as these procedures may not be safe for expectant mothers. However, they could still refrain from doing MRIs out of caution, particularly in the first trimester.


Imaging interior body components can be done using CT and MRI scans. Although they create visuals in distinct ways, they have comparable applications. MRI scans employ radio waves and powerful magnets, whereas CT scans use X-rays. Get in touch with the team of Atulya Healthcare today and they will guide you with the best process for your problem. They have the right experience to guide you with what will be the best test to show the correct picture to your doctor and begin with the process. 

While an MRI scan gives a superior overall view of the tissue being examined, a CT scan is often suitable for bigger regions. Although they are reasonably safe treatments, both carry dangers. A doctor will advise a patient on the best scan based on a variety of variables.

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